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Why I Love Writing Novels

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

No surprise, I’m not perfect. Nor the most attractive or smartest person in the room. But when I sit down in a totally quiet environment I can pretend to be all the things that elude me in life. Since I bore easily, I spice up my tales featuring women in dynamic careers facing some villain, and in so doing forcing them to own their short comings, while vanquishing their foes.

Regardless of everyday logic as reported in the news and instilled in me by my parents, I can eat as much as I want without gaining an ounce, kill the evil-doer and not go to jail, buy anything I want without going into debt, and have as many lovers as my imagination can create.

The world is at my fingertips. I can avoid airport crowds with a private plane and pilot. No sea is beyond the range of my yacht. No country beyond my private guide and driver.

As a foodie, I can select my restaurants from the Michelin Guide all stars. Entertain family and friends with meals created by a five star chef. Dine on indigenous menus created by a culinary expert flown in for the occasion. And, not count the cost of any wine I favor.

No need for a psychiatrist, well-meaning counselor, or guru guiding me to a serene, healthful and loving lifestyle. The twists and turns in real life provide the irritants that can be soothed, anger that has no socially acceptable outlet, and the depressing setbacks that would normally curtail my life.

As for magnetism, beauty, and a body to make men weep, all are available. No diet, gym regimen, or scalpel needed.

Money doesn’t have to be earned, saved, horded. It is a self-replenishing entity always available in any amount when needed.

Rules don’t exist. Evil and Good are the yin and yang of the tale. People are each unique and created to further the story not fit a gender. And, the world isn’t limited to Earth or the known universe.

Where does this freedom come from? It is gift of the imagination borne of a lifetime of career, experimentation and curiosity. All the “buts” that would make me consider safe choices don’t exist. We know life isn’t fair, but in my imagination I can make it come out my way. It is about dreams, people who conquer personal challenges, expanding geographical horizons both real and imagined, and immersion in the creative works of other dreamers with their own unique visions of life.

Try it yourself. Close your eyes and let your imagination roam. No one will criticize. No one will stop you. It won’t endanger your life. Nor, will it cost one penny/euro/lira or ruble.

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