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Announcing new novel

Early reviews are in:

...This author is talented at writing a mystery that keeps the attention of the reader...

...It had suspense, intrigue, action, murder and a bit of who done it!

What She Didn't Know paperback cover EBOOK.jpg

Sally Compton Scott's life should be back on track after the death of her husband, Tyler, the love of her life. Relocating from the suburbs to a high-rise building in Manhattan, she has built an accounting practice with a select group of small business clients.

Now that her new home is furnished and she is financially independent, all the things on her to-do list have been accomplished.

Yet here she was with lonely evenings, yearning for a family with children to love, and an emptiness she can't seem to fill. Who was she? Where is her life headed?

What she hadn't expected was being thrust in the midst of a murder investigation.

What she didnt know 9.jpg
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