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The creation of FYI – An Unintended Consequence and the fake news dilemma…

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

The financial news report said that there were no women heading up a hedge fund. And there began a tale of how one woman founded a firm and another wanted to destroy her.

Have you ever read something to which you had a visceral reaction? And was that reaction “why not”? That was the genesis of my latest novel; FYI - An Unintended Consequence.

Not only did I create a believable character who had earned her way to the top of her field in finance, but found the device in today’s online social world to create her potential downfall.

The device was “fake news”, not the kind that has dominated today’s political news environment, but by creating false newspaper stories designed to first terrorize then destroy a person’s business and personal credibility by posting them online.

I hadn’t meant the story to be a cautionary tale but by studying one online social media organization I found just how easy it is to develop a false profile with which to open an account.

The simplicity of this process scared me, and hopefully will remind readers to pay attention to where and how they use and evaluate online postings.

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