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Getting real about bad male behavior

There is nothing new in the recent kerfuffle surrounding Harvey Weinstein. We have seen it before with Presidents Clinton and JFK, and many politicians present and in preceding eras. The shame falls not only on their bad behavior, but on those who aided and abetted its continuation…men and women alike.

Let’s get real. We had government hearings about Anita Hill and Justice Clarence Thomas. We have heard of Hollywood’s “casting couch” going back to the 30s. The excuse is boys will be boys. The corporate suite going back to the Robber Baron days excused male privilege to act freely in their sexual exploits against women. And let us not forget the Church ignoring the evil doings of its priesthood against male children.

Well where were the ladies/girls/their loved ones? Fear of loss of a job, privacy, worse may have been an excuse for keeping quiet. Fortunately, times have changed and speaking out is expected. Unfortunately for many it is 30 years or so too late. The damage to those forced into complicity has never eased.

It has been postulated that the lack of family values, family centered home lives and reduced religious influence has created an immoral society. This doesn’t explain almost two centuries of looking the other way. It is rather the belief by some that having achieved an exalted status due to wealth and position of power over others, they are excluded from everyday decent acts towards their fellow man…or in this case women.

I am fed up with all the hand wringing, political contributions by Mr. Weinstein to supposedly honorable representatives being donated to charity. You should also note those politicians who didn’t repurpose his donations the next time you go to the polls to vote.

Recent events in Las Vegas, hurricane striven populations in the wake of Harvey and Maria have shown once again the goodness of everyday Americans. Those who shielded others from harm and those who came to the rescue of people stranded without water or food.

Yes there are people across this nation who live by exerting physical and psychological power against those weaker than themselves. The battered women’s shelters attest to the democracy of this group of men.

But the media and those who have kept bad behavior under wraps…for whatever reason should bear some of the responsibility for enabling it to continue. Hand wringing, crying foul now doesn’t replace action.

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