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Why I write novels featuring dynamic women in corporate settings

Just as Agatha Christie set her mysteries in a country estate, ship or train, a business is also a closed universe inhabited by a cast of characters given all manner of foibles and under taking actions both good and evil. As for featuring strong women as protagonists, I believe we see the world differently. Even our speech is more specific.

It is a world I lived during my career inn public relations in both corporate and agency settings. It was a life during which I met and worked with women who were ahead of their time. They founded businesses, headed up corporate boards and were driven by a strong belief in their capabilities, making their own opportunities, and working toward realizing their goals Not feminists, but strong intelligent people who polished their skills and through dedication and hard work succeed. Their fields included finance, pharmaceutical sciences, law, and fashion.

On a personal note, I had an unusual upbringing. I was taught that I wasn't limited if I didn't limit my horizons. As such my parents raised me as a person who happened to e female, therefore my viewpoint is more that of the glass half full. They also opened my eyes to see that the world is not fair, and not everyone will like you. However, if you find a career you love, keep your skills sharp and work hard, you will succeed. Just keep on keeping on.

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