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What if? - This is often the place writers start when beginning to create their fictional tales. I suggest it is also a good place to reconsider women in the workplace.

What if women began to think of themselves as people first and women second? Instead of comparing their progress to that of the other gender, they would focus on advancing to the next level in work and life by sharpening their tool kits and plain hard work.

In my latest corporate crime novel TBD -to be determined - A game changer, I portray a woman stuck in the career and after deciding enough is enough plans to quit. With her paranoid boss away on vacation she is asked to help the Chief Executive Officer resolve a corporate crisis.

Taking a chance that could get her fired, she becomes central to a small group of insiders bent on tracking down a blackmailer, restoring embezzled funds and clearing the name of a wronged executive.

What would you do? Imagine the freedom of thoughtful actions when you don't limit yourself to a subgroup, and believe it's your right to attain the rewards your skill and hard work could earn.

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