An accomplished woman being terrorized with fake news clips rushes to find the source before the vicious lies can ruin her.

A smart, successful woman who supports her family but her family doesn't support her...until she stands up for herself.

A woman trapped in a job working for a paranoid older woman gambles her future by helping to resolve a corporate crisis.

A sophisticated woman focused solely on her career reaches the pinnacle of success only to find someone is out to ruin her.



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In simple terms, public relations is having a story/interview/book reported by the media as news. Resulting articles and interviews are therefore treated as credible information, not as a paid advertisement.

But to a PR pro, there is nothing simple about a competent app...

Originally featured in "Your Secret Library Mystery Magazine"

Only when I began writing novels, did I realize that I had been looking at my life as a puzzle. I never set out with a plan, but took delight in follow...

No surprise, I’m not perfect. Nor the most attractive or smartest person in the room. But when I sit down in a totally quiet environment I can pretend to be all the things that elude me in life. Since I bore easily, I spice up my tales featuring women in dynamic career...

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