Women's Accomplishments Against All Odds



Patricia E. Gitt is enjoying her second career as an author of mystery novels featuring accomplished women balancing dynamic careers with their private responsibilities.


Having had a successful career in public relations, she worked with many of the outstanding business women of our time.


She says, “I wanted to read novels featuring their strength, the qualities that made them successful in the corporate men’s club.


"With today’s fiction featuring women as detectives, physicians, attorneys, magazine editors, I missed the passion and excitement that women I knew brought to their business careers."


Terrorized by vicious lies


An accomplished woman being terrorized with fake news clips rushes to find the source before the vicious lies can ruin her.

The settling of scores


A smart, successful woman is enmeshed in secrets and lies...until she stands up for herself.

Blackmail and Embezzlement 


A woman trapped in a job working for a paranoid older woman gambles her future by helping to resolve a corporate crisis.

Jealousy in the Boardroom

A sophisticated woman focused solely on her career reaches the pinnacle of success only to find someone is out to ruin her.



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