CEO "Gripping from beginning to end"

Growing up, Melissa Lynn, never dreamed that she would end up the CEO of one of the most successful industrial corporations in the country.  “M.L.” has the ambition usually found in men and has shown herself to be both hardworking and brilliant.
When she is named the head of UCC someone is determined to see her fail. And there are those who are both jealous and skeptical of her capabilities to lead a global corporation into the future.

When a plot surfaces, M.L. has to uncover and stop this ruthless enemy before his actions destroy her and the company.

Following the upheaval and story is a talented reporter who wants an insider’s look at power and success when held in the hands of a woman.

Corporate greed, glittering receptions, high-powered enemies, and
moment-by-moment surprises follow this fast-paced, and true-to-life story of a woman who risks losing herself in the high-stakes game of corporate intrigue.


ISBN 978-1-7341584-0-3

ISBN 978-1-7341584-1-0



ASAP "Fast-paced and thoroughly entertaining"

When Suzanne Moss, co-founder of a technology company learns that her firm is targeted for theft, she agrees to help an undercover agent identify and close down the black market ring.

Turning to her business partner, Bradley Stanton, with unique capabilities of his own, she becomes part of a clandestine team intensely focused on stopping the thieves before they damage their firm.

Business isn’t the only thing on Suzanne’s mind, as the wife of a prominent attorney, and mother of a preteen son and daughter, her 24/7 schedule thrusts her into overdrive with no time left for herself.

Throughout her increasingly tense days, Suzanne is supported by her two best friends, one a famous novelist, and the other a celebrated fashion designer. Both women help Suzanne regain her sanity, while she goes about resolving her problems.

ASAP -- the story of a woman enmeshed in secrets and lies.

ISBN 978-1-7341584-3-4
ISBN 978-1-7341584-4-1

TBD "The life changing experience of a likable heroine"

Katherine Cunn is a wits end, working for a paranoid boss, Sandra Charney, senior vice president, communications, of Marathon Nutritionals.

When Katherine is called into the CEOs office, she is given an extremely sensitive assignment, one in which her skills in crisis mangement will be crucial in protecting the company's future.

Sworn to secrecy and instructed to work outside normal company channels, Katherine is thrust into the maelstrom of secrets involving theft, blackmail, and embezzlement.

Will her skill at damage-control enable the CEO to protect the reputation of Marathon Nutritionals and a member of its corporate family?

The answers are yet to be determined - a game changer for all involved.

ISBN 978-1-7341584-6-5
ISBN 978-1-7341584-7-2